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phrase used when giving up on a certain task; normally used by stoners.

person 1: have you done that math homework yet

person 2: nah Im over it.

*after losing 10 rounds of online halo*

person 1: Im so over this!
by Doublee7300 February 28, 2009
a word used to describe frustration or anger.
can be applied to all words typed by the rapid and random pressing of keys on a key board such as "djghawkjg"
MsSexyBiotch73: hey sista how was ur day?

BlondieBetty69: I found out I have a D in Math

MsSexyBiotch73: ooooo that sux

BlondieBetty69: jkdsvfaksdj
by Doublee7300 February 28, 2009
Swedish last name that was changed from "Emmanuelson" during emigration to America
Person 1: Hey are your new neighbors swedish?

Person 2: Yeah they're the Eastlands
by Doublee7300 February 28, 2009
believing in a religion but not believing in certain practices that the religion mandates.

being too lazy or not caring enough to partake in certain practices that your religion requires/suggests.
Example 1

Dude 1: did you hear Jimmy finally got some from his girlfriend last weekend.

Dude 2: But there not married yet, and they are both Catholic

Dude 1: its ok they are very liberaligious, they are ok with premarital sex

Example 2

Jew 1: hey why are you ordering that, I don't think its kosher

Jew 2: Im liberaligious, I dont really care at this point.
by Doublee7300 May 19, 2009

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