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the ability to jack off with either hand
Person1: Hey I heard you broke you arm. Are you going to have any problems with, uhh, stuff?
Person2: No way, man. I am ambidexsexual.
Person1: ok...
by Double_A June 16, 2008
Blue balls for the potential murderer. When you really want to kill someone, but you just can't for some reason. Weakness, not owning a gun, fear of the consequences, etc.
Johnny really wanted to pull a Virginia Tech at his college, but his dad had gotten rid of the family gun a few years back. Looks like he'd be stuck with murder balls.
by Double_A January 26, 2011
1. the eighth sequential number from zero
2. short for a .38 special revolver firearm
3. the chinese number for fortune or prosperity
4. sign for infinity turned vertical
5. lucky

1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3. This year they are holding the olympics in Bejing, China.
They are insisting it happens on August 8th, 2008 at eight o'clock p.m.
5. if you look on tv, it's always in the background or on a t-shirt or something, check seriously!
by Double_A May 28, 2008
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