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A sexercise machine loosely based on the tv infomercial sensation, the thighmaster, with the addition of an interchangable dildo.
My girl just got one of those new GuyMasters...man that's not your momma's exerciser! It was as much fun for me to watch as it was for her to use...I think I'm gonna get one for myself!
by Double DD March 28, 2010
When a girl wears clothing that is so revealing you just cant take your eyes off the prize
Vicky's shirt was cut so low nobody could look away.
by Double DD January 25, 2008
occurs when a chick tans with different bathing suits on creating a dirty looking tan line
I got w/ a girl last night who's ass was banged up lookin from tanning dirty.
by Double DD January 26, 2008
when your girl gets upset about something and her head starts snapping back and forth
When Alisa called me last night wanting to hook up, Vicky got all snappy headed saying "oh no she didnt"!
by Double DD February 03, 2008
to be an expert at eating ass crack
Mike's girl kathy is an expert tushilinguist but man does het breath stink!
by Double DD January 25, 2008
when a man witholds giving sex to his partner
I'm putting Vicky on dickstriction cause she has just been getting too much dick lately!
by Double DD January 25, 2008
AWhan a guy can blow load after load and
Vicky's man David is a freak of nature, he's a real load master
by Double DD January 26, 2008

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