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A whore's who hunger for power is matched by her hunger for cock. She will suck and fuck as many managers, supervisors, and boss's as she needs to climb the corporate ladder. She's the skany bitch at the office that will most likely also get the promotion befor you and your hard work.
That power hungry cock whore stole my promotion for being boss's secretary!! that bitch!
by Dopeldog January 31, 2011
bad planning and a stupid idea all rolled into one. first sleeping for so long you wake up with a massive migraine you dont know what to do when you wake up. that when you wake up and have a massive hard on, your first idea is to punch your hard on as hard as you can.
dude i slept for twenty four hours and when i woke up i had a cock punching migraine, so i punched my cock and went to sleep for another eight hours. god my dick hurts
by Dopeldog January 14, 2011

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