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When the folds (Wrinkles) in a scrotum resembles that of a smiling face. Eyes and Mouth are required, nose is preferred, but not required. THE SACK MUST BE HAPPY!!! Must be declared by a spectator, not the one whom the sack belongs to!

If the "FACE" is hairy, 'Ball Bunyan That Smiles Back' may be decalred!
Donny: Dude, George, I think I got The Sack That Smiles Back, but I'm not sure... Help me out

George: O, definitely dude!! I can feel the happy vibes going on around your nutsack. That even may be a 'Ball Bunyan That Smiles Back!'

by Door2Door_DoorSalesman January 28, 2011
One who IMs you on purpose even though you're invisible online.
Past: (on IM)
X: Ya, I stay invisible online so that people I hate can't IM and I only IM who I want.
Y: Cool

Present: (on IM)
Y: Hey, you're there aren't u? LOL
X: YOU Invisible A-HOLE!!!
by Door2Door_DoorSalesman January 28, 2011
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