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Its a prision for kids where you cant enjoy life.

The kids at school are total wimps. I got sent to the Principals office because I called someone Fatass spoiled brat and somehow he found out (he cant exept the fact that he was spoiled and fat)

Theres so much learning that you forget what you learned. On yo homework you forgot everything you learned so i cant finish it.

why do adults like participating in hurting children?

Its impossible to show your true feelings with out getting in huge trouble.

Its hard to enjoy a social life. If you talk to your friends you get in trouble.

If you get a C or lower you get in trouble by your parents.

Dont you want to spend time with your family instead of assloads of homework?

Limits: if you say words as innocent as idiot you get detention. They call having fun a privilige. You cant do this or that x100000000

The teachers a joke (there like those cogs in toontown)

The more they take away stuff from you the more you want it.
You: school was so boring that i forgot everything i knew! Time to have fun!

Mom: Did you do your homework?

You: F***************************************!
I have to relearn everything


Mean Ass Teacher: I h8 that kid, Im gonna beat him/her up.
good news is i have an excuse for his/her beating so i wont get in trouble.

You: Hi Ms. Smith, how are you doing?

M.A.T: *Beats you up*

You: *tells mom and dad what M.A.T did to you*

Parents: *complain to school*

M.A.T: *Uses excuse to fool parents*

Parents: your in trouble son/daughter for lying


You: Dude school is boring

Your friend Josh: I totally agree

Faghead Asshole Teacher: *hears conversation from a mile away*

F.A.T: *interrupts conversation/invades privacy*

F.A.T: You guys are in huge trouble for socializing and sharing your feelings about school!


You: Damn I got a C

Parents: Damn you got a C! Youre grounded


You: Yo mama is so ugly that when she walked into The public restroom, she scared the shit out of the toilits!

Your friend Jeff: LOL!

Whorehead Teacher: You guys, off to the principals office for insulting someone!


You: I cant believe they took away my ipod for it being out. It wasnt even on! Now i really want to listen to that song.

asshole principle on the loud speaker: If you take out an electronic device and a teacher sees you, we have to assume its on and your having fun so we have to steal it from you.
by Doomedtodeath December 30, 2011

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