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An Asshole Teacher is one of those teachers that scream at you for the slightest thing, Give you an F on you're Homework/test for something stupid like getting the date wrong or misspelling a single word. they like to vent all of there frustrations out on the entire class by giving them extra homework or humiliating them. How do you stop one of these teachers well guess what you can't if you defend yourself they will give you detention for "Back-talking" or call your parents and say you were being "disrespectful" to them. If you try to seek retribution by reporting them to the principal they will deny everything and then become an even bigger Asshole Teacher and will most likely start to single you out in class.
Student 1: Dude Mr Adams gave me an F- on my test because I got the date wrong.

Student 2: Well he screamed at me yesterday because I asked to go to the restroom.

Student 1: He's such an Asshole Teacher
by SuperMatthew December 27, 2012
A man who is typically a substitute teacher, whether it be in High school or any lesser form.

Tends to believe he is higher than all other forms of life, especially damn hooligans.

Tends to walk around a room, with his back straightened, arms out wide, trying to look tougher than he really is. Forgetful, with things such as attendance or how to spell a name. When standing in place, tends to hold hands behind back, while staring at you like if you come near him, he will bite your head off.

Also believes he runs the place, when really he has no clue what is going on.
"That asshole teacher is everywhere I go! I had him for british writers again and he forgot the attendence."
"HEY! I have 21 written down and I see 22, I'm gonna have to go through the entire class again and take attendance"
by BK aka Fonzie March 01, 2009

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