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1. A source of pleasure, mainly sex, bt only if payed.
2. Target practice.
1. Check it out. A hooker. Hand me my wallet and my sex enhancing pills.
2. Check it out. A hooker. Hand me my grenades and rocket launcher.
by Doom June 30, 2003
often found on ricers. Those loud and obnoxious exhaust systems that sound like bumble bee's on crack.
what is that gook tube on your car?
by DooM July 10, 2004
An immature internet moron who thinks he is a master when it comes to picking up women. An Erakus doesn't quite possess the intelligence to figure out how bad he is, even after his utter failures.
Girl 1: OMG he did that? What an Erakus!
Girl 2: No kidding, he needs to get out more.
by Doom August 05, 2004
*waves hands in your face*

Boy : Hello John Madden
John Madden : FOOTBALL!!! *while waves hands in face*
by Doom November 28, 2003
Super Elite Hacker
| |2 u83|2 1337 h4x0|2
by Doom November 28, 2003

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