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1. to spit disrespectful comments at another
Bonqueesha: You shoulda heard jaleel spittin' dat disroe n' shit about you las night.

Shakiki-Oh Shit, honey had better not! He know what Shakiki do when a playa mess around. Holla!

1. some one who is is bad at everything.

2.somebody that tries to be funny and cool, but are not and can not.

3. Al Gore

4. David Spade
Dakota: Look at Tim over there, he's the goof ass of all goof asses.
1. The act of trying to make love (usually unsuccessfully) to every women at the party.

2. Ejaculatin' all around the room.

Gloria: Man, you shoulda seen Tyrone loose juicin' every girl at that party! 'Still came out dick-dry!

Shanay-Ain't that the truth! Holla!


Man, Johnny Loose-Juiced all over my room! Dang it!

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