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An opportunistic theft usually occurring at public venues in which patrons must be barefoot - The most common of these being American waterparks. As patrons approach the lazy river, they naïvely place their pool shoes in unattended cubbies, where rational people presume they will remain over for the next 15 minutes. Upon exiting the ride however, the flip flop swapper will with a slight of foot and a cool head, exchange his mediocre less desirable flip flops for a complete stranger's more appealing, yet highly questionable footwear.
"That was a lot of fun. Lets grab a burger before we hit the wave pool."

"Wait. Check out that pair of Rainbows.."
"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Flip flop swap dude. Chicks dig Rainbows."
by Dontdothat February 26, 2012

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