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Taking a book out of someone's bookcase and preceeding to deficate (shit) between two of the pages and then placing it back on the shelf. A.K.A. "The Ultimate Bookmark."
"Jimmy Jillikers!!!" Harvey exclaimed as Otis paper back flaniganed his copy of "The Great Gatsby."
by Don Everest April 02, 2005
Recieving an envelope in the mail that has no return address, and includes dog feces, male ejaculate, and a Sam Bowie rookie card.
I wonder if it was Heath that sent my that mysterious mitchell on my birthday.
by Don Everest April 04, 2005
Jumping, ass naked and covered in pudding, front first on to a car while two people as having intercourse in it.
Kyle was offered $100 to perform a full douglas while at the Four Seasons Theater.
by Don Everest April 06, 2005
A cleveland steamer given by American Idols own Justin Guarini.
After losing to Kelly Clarkson, he thanked the judges by giving out a round of steamy guarini's.
by Don Everest April 04, 2005
Recieving a hot carl from Wesley Snipes.
I'm such a huge fan, I can't believe he gave me a hot wesley at the movie premier.
by Don Everest April 03, 2005
Chodeology is the study of chodes and their behaviors. Study is also done in the negative affect a chode has on pleasing a woman, or man(if your gay).
A. Betts was the best example of a chode in modern society known to man.
by Don Everest April 09, 2005
Waiting till your friend is so drunk that he passes out and then taking him to get a tattoo of Paulie Shores face on his gooch.
Frank passed out after only drinking Smirnoffs all night, so we gave that pussy a sneaky howard.
by Don Everest April 08, 2005

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