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3 definitions by Don't worry about it

Something generally stupid or meaningless.

(Derives from the Conemaugh Township / Western, PA region)
That was so fuckn' hulp.
by don't worry about it January 03, 2005
Metallicas last stab at their dying immortallity. Since Lars wasted all of their money on his anti-napster campaign, they were forced to release another album, and not live off the money they were raking in from the earlier '90's... it sucked
Lars Ulrich is a whore, metallica needs to retire, and St. Anger sucks.
by Don't worry about it July 27, 2003
mexican kittyloaf.

Loaf resembeling pringles man.
mallory hasn't washed her hair in 800 days. lets go make kittyloaf/deceptacon.
by Don't Worry About It April 01, 2005