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The look a man or a woman gives to someone they are interested in, indicating their interest.
Carlos: Dude that girl is totally giving me the look
Matias: What girl?
Carlos: Sarah
Ravi: Dude bark at her, you could soo hit that
#bg #rafiki #ravi #matias #carlos #bark
by dominator69 January 13, 2011
You stick ur two fingers in your own ass and then whipe it on the forehead of your partner and say "Simba" in a way similar to the scene at the beginning of lion king where rafiki whipes the fruit on simbas forehead before exposing him to the kingdom.
Matias: Dude, Mike! I just gave Jon Montgomery a Rafiki!
Mike: Dude thats nasty!
Matias: Just kidding it was to a chick
Ravi: Top Dogg!
#lion king #tony danza #donkey punch #angry dragon #dirty sanchez #angry pirate
by Dominator69 November 16, 2009
A sense that is used to warn you about the presence or of the approach of a CB (crazy bitch).
Person 2: What dude?
Person 1: My CB Radar is going off!
Person 2: Oh right, I see that CB approaching. Let's leave.
#cb #rafiki #the look #donkey punch #jelq
by dominator69 August 15, 2011
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