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The younger sibling of Abercrombie and Fitch.
Similar clothes, yet smaller so kids aged 9-13 can also fit into them. The clothes are a lot cheaper than Abercrombie and Fitch, but sometimes kids think they are so cool because their shirt has the logo stamped across it. I think this store is way better than A&F, since A&F is only for tiny toothpicks. BTW I'm not bashing the store, but that's the truth, it is only made for tiny people. But abercrombie Kids can fit on all kids of all sizes. Most abercrombie Kids ads don't have half naked men in their ads, in fact you go to the website, there's only like 1 shirtless guy, in the store, there isn't shirtless men everywhere you turn. The brand is called abercrombie Kids, but when you go in the stores it will simply be called abercrombie, with a lowercase a.
I wouldn't say it's the most fashionable, but it's very common and popular amongst boys and girls aged 9-13. I can't recall one time this store has gone out of style for everyone who wears it.
Mom 1: My daughter loves abercrombie Kids, but I don't know what to do, it's a bit pricey.
Mom 2: Oh just wait until it goes on clearance. My daughter has 3 abercrombie tops that only cost me $6.

Mom 1: Thanks, I'll go see what's on clearance.

Girl 1: OMG Look at my new jeans and t-shirt! isn't it cool?
Girl 2: Yeah that is cool! where did you get it?
Girl 1: abercrombie! i love it. OMG i'm so cool.
Girl 2: Oh well don't you like my flip-flops! theyre from abercrombie too.
Girl 1: yeah! we're soooo cool because we wear it.
Girl 2: ikr! we're sooooo cool. i bet some kids are jealous.
Girl 3: hmph. im jealous of those abercrombie girls. my mom cant afford it so im just gonna be jealous.

boy 1: that girl is hot because she wears abercrombie.
boy 2: i know.
by DogsReallyRule July 19, 2010

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