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The product of yeast build-up in the moisture of the folds on the male scrotum. It is called "frumunda cheese" becuase it has a cottage cheese-like apperance and smell, and because it comes frumunda (from under) the nuts. The french call it "brie"
Jacque:"Bonjour, Pierre! Would you like to lick the frumunda cheese from my un-washed testicles?"
Pierre: "Hell Oui!"
by Doggy Fizzle June 04, 2003
From what I understand, after you jack your dick, the come runs down the side of your dick and onto your hand. The result looks like the substance used to glaze donuts or cinnamin rolls. I never said it was pretty.
Me: "Ray-Ray, where the fuck is Lil' Earl?"
Ray-Ray: "That fool is in the bathroom, galzing a knucle."
by Doggy Fizzle June 06, 2003
to intentionally try to slip your penis into a girl's anus while having sex, without telling her first
Tom was banging her from behind, and tried to slip her the Horowitz, but she freaked out and slapped him
by Doggy Fizzle July 30, 2003
The place where I keep 80% of my income!
Honey, I just bought Genuine Babe Ruth autographed Aluminum bat for $200.00!
by Doggy Fizzle June 04, 2003
Could mean :
1.)Close, very good friends
2.)Cool, hip, nice looking.
(Can be compared to other tight things for more emphasis)
1.)Me and Ray-Ray been tight since 8th grade.

2.) That car is tight. (Or...That car is tighter than Anna Nicole Smith's jeans after hittin the Sizzler buffet!)
by Doggy Fizzle June 07, 2003
Occurs when a special alignment of enormous, massive bodies line up in this particular order:
1. The Sun
2. Fat Joe
3. The Earth
Fat Joe's incredible girth casts a huge shadow over the Earth, plunging the entire hemisphere into total darkness. This phenomenon occurs most often around The Sizzler.
Fat Joe just got an endorsement contract from "Ban de Soleil" (It blocks the sun)
by Doggy Fizzle June 04, 2003
Happening, going on... what ever it is, it's the shizzle my nizzle!
Host: "We gonna keep this party crack-a-lackin all nizzle lizzle, my dizzle!"
Party guest: "Huh?"
by Doggy Fizzle May 10, 2003

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