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Noun: The act of placing the famous candy, Pop Rocks in a women's vagina after she has become wet.
-"Dude! I was doing my girlfriend and eating pop rocks at the same time, and when i was finished, she was so wet that I decided to pour some in her vagina!"
-"Man!! Thats called the sizzler!"
by sim0nvr6 March 26, 2009
The sexual act in the doggy style possition that consists of the male partner wearing a condom (this is a must), when the man is about to climax he Tazzes (electically shocks) the partner, the result is that the partners orifice clinches for and extra special ending.
by ITCowboy May 18, 2010
When you promise your significant other a meal at Ruth's Chris steakhouse in exchange for anal but take take them to sizzler instead.
Eve: Adam promised me dinner at Ruth's Chris if I let him fuck me in the ass but that motherfucker took me to all you can eat shrimp at the Sizzler instead

Moses: can I get Adam's number?
by wckdflcn March 02, 2014
A attack pattern which surrounds the target with 2 people one at each side, the target is then disposed of in proper way.
"Boy he just got The Sizzler executed on him"
by The wicker man January 20, 2008
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