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3 definitions by Doge

Commonly denoted scientific way of describing a male's sex chromosomes.
Males are X&Y,
Females are XX
and there's all kinds of other crap in between
by DogE March 06, 2006
14 7
An operating system second only to UNIX, but since UNIX isn't free Linux will have to do. Frequently insulted by cockjockies who's only experience with a computer is games and only experience with women is 'Saucy-sues-spanking-hotline'.
As the saying goes "Linux you can get a less powerful opperating system ut it will cost you more and Bill Gates is a greedy cunt."
by Doge September 22, 2003
18 36
One that is a Japanese putita.
- Do you even know what "Geisha" is about?
- Yea, a Japanese putita.
by DogE March 05, 2006
16 129