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Commonly denoted scientific way of describing a male's sex chromosomes.
Males are X&Y,
Females are XX
and there's all kinds of other crap in between
by DogE March 06, 2006
An operating system second only to UNIX, but since UNIX isn't free Linux will have to do. Frequently insulted by cockjockies who's only experience with a computer is games and only experience with women is 'Saucy-sues-spanking-hotline'.
As the saying goes "Linux you can get a less powerful opperating system ut it will cost you more and Bill Gates is a greedy cunt."
by Doge September 22, 2003
One that is a Japanese putita.
- Do you even know what "Geisha" is about?
- Yea, a Japanese putita.
by DogE March 05, 2006
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