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A person starts a search on YouTube for a specific topic or video and then clicks on a related video. Upon the completion of this video, clicks on another related video. This continues a number of times until in the end, the videos you end up watching are in no way related to your original topic of interest.
Me: I was watching some awesome videos about botfly larvae extraction last night on YouTube.

Her: Whoa! What made you want to look at those?!

Me: Well, I started out by looking up videos on fishing for muskie and before I knew it, I YouTube drifted and ended up watching these two maggots getting removed from some dude’s back. You gotta see it!
by DoctorWatson January 15, 2010
A person who text messages and/or plays video games on their PDA or phone while using a public washroom.
While sitting in a stall at McDonald's, my defecating silence was broken when I was joined by another entering the cubicle next to me. To my disappointment, this one was a shitclicker. The peace was broken only by his periodic giggle or the incipit clicking of the tiny keys on his Blackberry.
by DoctorWatson June 28, 2007
For those too young to remember, music used to be distributed on vinyl records (commonly known as a "phonograph" record). These records were played using a needle that would pick up the inscribed spiral grooves in the disk and, with the use of an amplifier, emit from a set of speakers.

Inevitably these records would get a scratch in them causing the record to skip a groove. The result was that a few milliseconds of the song would be missed. As audio tradition would have it, the listener would end up memorizing the song and lyric precisely as it was played back...skip and all. This is referred to as phonographic memory.
Me: I remember this song...I had it on LP.

Her: Geeze. You're old.

Me: Quiet...here it comes...wait for it...

Her: What are you talking about?!

Me: My LP had a skip in it…and it skipped…right...THERE!

Her: It's amazing how much useless information you store in that head.

Me: What can I say? I have a phonographic memory.
by DoctorWatson February 03, 2010

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