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2 definitions by DocZ

A trust-funded college graduate who takes a job at a coffee shop after graduation.
Dave couldn't find a job after graduating from college. He didn't need to find work due to his hefty trust fund. So he took a job at the local cafe, spooning up lattes for eager coffee drinkers. He had ascended to the heights of a Baristacrat.
by DocZ January 06, 2012
Excessive daytime somnolence due to late-night Olympics-watching.
"Two cups of coffee this morning, Ted?"
"Yup. The Olympics has been killing me. Up 'til 11:30 every night, wondering who's going to win, who's going to crash. It's terrible, but I just can't stop watching. And now I've got this foggy, empty-brain feeling all day long. Coffee's got to help!"
"Ted, you'd better go see your doctor. I think you may have narcolympsy."
by DocZ February 13, 2014