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2 definitions by Dj Trigger

To be blcoked while goining up for a lay-up or a shot in basketball
Same as blocked , stuffed , packed.
ball bounces
"DAMM , You got shaqed , fa shunnin"
"So , u cant even play ball"
"at leas i dint get shaqrd"
"bens a pimp aint he"
by Dj Trigger August 14, 2004
1. Me

2. Part of the biggest crime family in the world

3. Poor people that have a few expensive things

4. Hottest girls ever , then poland , and then latin and spanish

5. Born muscularguys Never have to wight lift

6. giant u kno wutsthis website aint XXX so i not guna say it

7. Who everyone is jeaouls of cuz we have anything you could ever want-from back upmafia to back upnuks to back upvodka that dint rele make sense but its okay im russian
The Few The Proud The Russians
by Dj Trigger August 14, 2004