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To stay in order, be obedient.
Origin: From the line in the House of Commons which members must stay behind during session. "Toe the line" is to conform to the rules.
Mind one's p's and q's
Straight and narrow.
by Dizz March 22, 2004
Spanish for dingleberry, which translates to the dried pieces of shit found in one's pubic hairs.
I went down on this chick, and saw she had gamborinos around her ass.
by Dizz June 14, 2006
(n) Blowjob; Oral Sex; Domed
Damn that bitch swallowed the juice when she was givin me the old mongolianslurpee.
by Dizz May 24, 2004
A universal insult that incorporates the wonderful word "cunt" into an alternative to the common and overused phrase "mother fucker". Generally used as an insult.
I agree, Seth, Ben Mones is such a mother cunter!
by Dizz November 20, 2003
Slang for the Maine bottled water, Poland Springs.
Give me a sip of that polie sprigs.
by Dizz March 09, 2005
The movement associated with throwing a ping pong ball in beriut.
Wow, that was a nice stroke!
by Dizz March 09, 2005
Someone who can eat a ton of food.
He went to the buffet 3 times? He is a crusher.
by Dizz March 09, 2005
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