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When two single girls go head hunting for suitable suitors of the male variety, it may be out on the town, or down the local pub.
Amy and laura are going out on the prowl(usually pronounced PROOOOOOWL)!
by Divaaar November 15, 2006
A term which derrived from a particular actress who ended up front and centre for virtually every song through a performance of godspell, and consequently claimed this technique in every show there after. it is now a term used to insinuate stealing the limelight, or being over confident, and also a term of derision or piss taking
bwahaaa. laura is front and centre. AGAIN.

ooooh get you. front and centre.

*sings* day by day. day by day... etc etc
by Divaaar November 15, 2006
A word used as a euphamism for lesbianism, often used between friends in a passive and friendly nature. Continually used by single heterosexual friends between each other. Also comically used through the medium of song between close friends high on Ben and Jerry's
God, we are such patty's

We will die as patty's

*sings* Im coming out, i want the world to know, im patty the lesbo...

by Divaaar November 15, 2006

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