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A general comeback for insults, as well as insulting questions.
Ted: I need to pick up some condoms, dude.
Fred: For who?
Jed: Yeah, dude; who the hell would screw you?
Ted: yo momma
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 16, 2004
The greatest group ever, formed in 1996 by the former members of One Fell Swoop. A special breed of a "tri-vocal funkified reggae/country jam band". They released 3 Lps, an Ep, and a live album.
Holy shit, Ted told me to listen to Dispatch... It kicks ass! That guy on UrbanDictionary was right!
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 16, 2004
Term for a person, usually a member of organized crime, offering loans without background checks, collateral, etc. etc., but charges insane interest ($100s, even $1000s per day in some cases), and has henchmen who will hurt or even kill those who do not repay the loan within a certain time (usually a week or so).
John got beat to shit by Loan Shark Tino Capellini's henchmen for not paying on time. If John doesn't pay Tino back by next week, they will kill him.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 15, 2004
A term for a penis, nothing more.
Root, cock, dick, schlong, johnson, call it what you will.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 17, 2004
1.) Figurative: A metaphorical phrase for that which affects a person directly, or is of personal concern to him or her.

2.) Literal: Within close proximity to a person's home or dwelling.
Drunk Driving is a subject that hits close to home with members of MADD.

The bombs hit close to home last night; they were only a few miles away.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 16, 2004
(Orange county)
Some melodramatic soap opera popular with teenage girls
Jill:Tommy and Jim, you wanna come over and watch the O.C. wth me?
Tommy:Sure, I love that show!
Jim:I'd rather stab a ballpoint pen through my retina.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 17, 2004
A skanky bitch that wants Snoop Dogg to slap her with the meat.

A groupy of extremely succesful rapper Snoop Dogg/Snoop Doggy Dog. Willing to do anything sexual with Snoop.
See that Snoopy Groupie? I'd like to pull up to her bumper and lay a hittin on that bitch.

Four Snoupie Groupies orgied with Snoop Dogg last night, and he still managed to take a few hits from his bong in the process.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 16, 2004
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