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Noun: an individual who's computer runs really slow or lags on MMO servers.
Guy #1: "AH! my computer ish teh lagget!"

Guy #2: "Stop making up excuses n00b."
by DiskoStikk June 23, 2009
Term for cylindrical containers with little trees cut out of it, bisque fired, and then re-fired with a crap green glaze.
Cheyenne made a christmas trash can in Ceramics class this year.
by DiskoStikk June 24, 2009
A guy who embarrasses himself by wearing a cape or other costumes to school and using metaphoric language in an attempt to impress people.
Guy#1: "Oh great, "LARPing Leonard" decided to wear his cape again..."

Guy#2: "Why is he standing in the middle of the ring? and what is he screaming?"

LARPing Leonard "Do you want a Day of War, or A DAY OF RECKONING?!"

Guy #1 "........let's go home"
by DiskoStikk June 22, 2009
A fart that is so concentrated, other people can taste it.
"Sorry guys, I just let a taster."
by DiskoStikk June 22, 2009
Possibly the shittiest fast food chicken you will ever eat.
Guy #1: "Hey! lets go to Zaxby's!"

Guy #2: "Fuck you Tom, I'd rather eat shit!"
by DiskoStikk June 24, 2009

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