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A word used to describe one's teeth, in a serious manner, by a generally uneducated person. Usually refereed to in a quantity of 45.

Is also used by well educated cosmetology students, in a not so serious manner, when referring to the teeth, smile, mouth, eating, etc.
I'm freakin starving. I'm gonna eat this in 5 seconds with all 45 of my teefises.
by Disgustipat3d July 19, 2011
Pregnant women. They're like they're own species; they deserve a special word of their own.
A pregnant: "I'm gonna run to the bank."

A non-pregnant: "why don't you just drive? It's faster."

Non-pregnant #2: "Yeah. Pregnants can't run!"
by Disgustipat3d July 19, 2011

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