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A really fat person who believes they look slimmer in expensive designer clothing brands.
Hey Tubs, you better 'lose the willy' if you wanna wear Prada.
#lose #willy #prada #tubs #fat #chunky #salad dodger
by Disco Dave November 09, 2007
Having a list of subjects to google, once you start googling you are effectively addressing your 'to do' list therefore having lots of googleage to do. I to do list using google.
Today I have explored many companies using google, I started this morning by writing the whole list out and then addressing them on google one by one this is googleage.
#google #serch #web #groups #list
by Disco dave April 10, 2014
Nightclub bouncers/doormen who chuck out drunks and trouble causers OR muscle bound men who support prison officers in 'calming' down bad behaving prisoners.
Prison officer: I got spat at while passing cell 37 so I pressed my button and the hairy arse brigade came to my aide.

#hairy #arse #brigade #bum #fanny #muscle #heavies
by Disco Dave November 09, 2007
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