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3 definitions by Dis

Historically speaking, "texas tea" was an anarchonistic definition of oil during the oil rush in Texas. "Black gold" is a synonym.

I believe it was phrased very early on in 20th century pop culture.
They struck the ol' texas tea, lucky sumbitches movin' on to Dallas.
by Dis July 06, 2004
A inmate in a Correctional Facility who engages in sex acts for payment - or a bitch.
That guy punks his ass to that other guy for candybars and cigarettes.
by Dis February 25, 2005
Someone who plays ut2003/ut.e/

e/2.Someone who is owned by Disarr@y

Someone who likes to sleep with mummas in their sleep.
"omg flak incoming"

"oh wait nm its mine"
by Dis March 22, 2003