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Historically speaking, "texas tea" was an anarchonistic definition of oil during the oil rush in Texas. "Black gold" is a synonym.

I believe it was phrased very early on in 20th century pop culture.
They struck the ol' texas tea, lucky sumbitches movin' on to Dallas.
by Dis July 06, 2004
A inmate in a Correctional Facility who engages in sex acts for payment - or a bitch.
That guy punks his ass to that other guy for candybars and cigarettes.
by Dis February 25, 2005
Someone who plays ut2003/ut.e/

e/2.Someone who is owned by Disarr@y

Someone who likes to sleep with mummas in their sleep.
"omg flak incoming"

"oh wait nm its mine"
by Dis March 22, 2003
Someone named Zaini, and they're an idiot.

there isn't really a lot to explain
Person 1 : "Wait.. is that Zaini ?

Person 2 : "Yea I think so"

Person 1 : "God he's such a Zainidiot"
by DiS November 22, 2014

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