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When your dog wakes you up in the morning by jumping up on the bed and banging his sack on your forehead.
"My poor girlfried, she got the old tater teabag this morning - boy was she pissed!"
by Dirty Nick January 12, 2006
When your dog sneaks up behind you after you're out of the shower and sticks his cold nose in your crotch.
My dog gave me the old tossed tater salad this morning, don't let him lick your face!
by Dirty Nick January 13, 2006
Being woken up at night by your dogs cold nose on your back, crotch, or neck.
Tater gave me the cold nose treatment this morning, so I tossed him off the bed.
by Dirty Nick January 13, 2006
The area between the rectum and udder of a cow, when tickled may induce the heifer to urinate.
I tickled my girls escutcheon while she was asleep last night, now I have to change my friggen sheets!
by Dirty Nick January 13, 2006
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