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(noun) 1. A form of liquor, normally spelled "Whiskey", but spelled without the "e" in some countries.
(noun) 2. A word used to describe someone who is often times unfun, unmotivated, or boring. This term is sometimes used to refer to someone who smokes weed, but is more often used to describe a person who is boring in general. The origins of this meaning are unknown, but many users assume it has something to do with the running joke between several nations that "Whiskey" is more fun than "Whisky".

This term is fairly unpopular on the West Coast, but appears often in some East Coast cities such as New York and Boston.
1. Do you want to pick up some Whisky from the store later?

2. Why is that guy such a Whisky?
by Dirty Fish April 01, 2010

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