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meaning stupid or daft
Ya glaekit bugger yea (You stupid person you)

Are you glaekit? (Are you Stupid?)
by Dinger January 01, 2005
when a female cat fighter sits on the other cat fighter's face and rubs her dirty beef curtains in her face!
oh shit, she's finished. this bitch has the nastiest poonanny around, after this stinky face she'll never smell the same.
by dinger August 07, 2003
A term generated in a Matt Stone movie known as Cannibal! The Musical. This word can be substituted for nearly any other word.
"It really is a shpadoinkle day out today."
"I think he forgot to wash his hands after he played around with his shpadoinkle."

"Remember that time you sucked my shpadoinkle?"
by Dinger March 28, 2003
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