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Naco (fmn. naca) is a pejorative word often used in Mexican Spanish to describe bad-mannered and poorly educated people. A naco is usually associated with lower socio-economic classes, but could also sometimes include the nouveau riche.

Vocabulary that is considered naco includes:

"Chale" - used to express dismay
"carnal" - most commonly to refer to a brother, but may refer to a friend, depending on the setting.
cámara - literally means "camera". It is used as a synonym of "OK".
"verga" - "penis" when used as a noun, may also be used as an interjection to express worry.
"chingón" and its politer equivalent "chido" - equivalent to the aesthetic "cool"
"nave" - literally "ship", used to refer to a car.
"wey" - fella', buddy.
Naco: "Damn, I am so fucking hungry man, give me some tacos please."
Naco: "Puta madre, tengo un chingo de hambre wey, dame unos tacos por favor."
by Dimitri Karpov January 28, 2008
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