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Cool in Spanish, as said before, but this is a MEXICAN word.. A Spanish person won't use this word unless imitating a Mexican. So; seldomly used by non-Mexican speakers.
Este carro esta buen chido wey!
(That car is really cool man!)
by ElChidoAl March 24, 2008
has the same meaning as cool

something or person or situation that is very pleasent.
I have seen your hair, and it looks chido.

He is chido, i have been chatting with him for several hours.
by redpixl July 05, 2004
A word repeated several times in a mexican conversation.
like "cool" in english
Está chido el nuevo disco de Interpol. Qué chido les quedó. Tambien estan chidas las canciones del anterior
by josh111 January 21, 2007
mexican slang word for saying cool
ey esse el caro esta bien chido dawg

ey esse the car is cool dawg
by wat is it! August 12, 2009
something that is preatty cool, but not too much.
i liked the new Metallica disc, its chido
by Shingo June 06, 2003
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