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A condom, derived from "keeping out the rain" or "keepin my dick dry out of the rain"
Yo bitch that ho sure is dirty, remember your raincoat!
by DIM January 24, 2003
"shit" without the "r"

commonly typoed as "shit" when writing about an essay on shirts. Rresults in a bad grade.
by Dim September 24, 2003
Amazing Roommate of Dim, just shaved his head today.
"hey kofi"
"hey Dim"
by Dim September 20, 2003
Any member of FragSystem in UT.
Whenever I grab the flag, I get nothing but miniwhores all around me. Can't FS use any weapons other than minigun?
by dim February 21, 2004
spelled and pronounced as Shite, its a way to not actually say the expletive form, but indicate you were going to use it.
Shite! My hand just exploded.
by DIM November 28, 2003
something being so funny that you accidentally spell hilarious wrong because your laughing so much
a dyslexic man walked into a bra is a hilarioud joke
by Dim February 08, 2004
The state in which one is Dim or Dimful. Occurs when not not sleeping a whole night and then going through hell next morning. Through progressive states of Dimness, one adapts.
Zaraza, in a state of dimness is I.
by Dim October 05, 2003
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