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4 definitions by Dikembe Mutombo

Best player of all time. Stunning cross over. Isn't afraid of anyone, and has the most heart of anyone who has ever lived. He also gets a bad rap for his image, when he in reality is a good person. Kobe is a pompous asshole, and T-Mac has no heart. AI is simply the best.
Allen Iverson is the best player the NBA has ever seen.
by Dikembe Mutombo October 14, 2004
272 130
A way to describe a complete idiot. Or someone who does a really dumbass move.
Oh my god, what did you do that for you sackjob.
by Dikembe Mutombo October 14, 2004
12 3
A true moron. He is a good coach but causes more contrevsy. Allen Iverson got a bad rap for what happened in Philly; however, if you lived in Philly, you would know that Larry Brown was the problem. He was so egolicious
Larry Brown is a good coach, but a cock of a person
by Dikembe Mutombo October 14, 2004
14 10
A way that you can describe a complete moron.
What the hell is your problem you fucking creamshot.
by Dikembe Mutombo October 14, 2004
6 29