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When you go to a shop or takeaway get your food and walk out, without paying n no1 notices.
We walk in2 an takeaway order food,usually theyl ask you to pay rite then, but if they dont its started, then they bring you food, you leave and shout youve pulled a randy pirate and your quids in.
by Dik-ed April 10, 2007
Someone who reads the metro(free newspaper around the manchester area) and they repeat everything in the paper like its their opinion, and lives by the horoscopes in them.
do you no (what evers happening at the time) have you bin reading the metro, Metro Mouth
by Dik-ed April 10, 2007
Used to scare rabbits in healey dell nature reserve, evolved into something you just shout at mates.
You hear a rabbit scutling in the bushes you shout BURDAGO and they run,
shout it to mates and they no who it is
by Dik-ed April 10, 2007

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