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A cliche used by sports media to describe aspects of a player's game or personality which cannot be tracked by statistics.

This usually refers to leadership qualities or enthusiasm for the game.
Shane Battier is a true leader who brings intangibles to the table.

Colton Smith has insane upside as well as great intangibles.

While it's true that he puts up stats, he just doesn't have any intangibles.
by Digitech January 04, 2011
Digital Technician.

On a photoshoot, the person responsible for the digital equipment such as the camera and the computer to which the camera or digital back is tethered. They import images, regulate the white balance and exposure, oversee proper color management for monitors and printers, alert the photographer to adjust the camera due to a change in lighting conditions if it's necessary, and alert the photographer of focusing issues. The most common setup is a Mac Pro with Mac OSX running Capture One, but Adobe Lightroom and Hasselblad Phocus are also used when Capture One doesn't support tethered capture with the camera or digital back used.

More frequently, however, they deal with Capture One's annoying habit of crashing every so often, troubleshoot people's iPhone issues between shots, quietly change the camera settings on their own from the computer if the photographer bumps something by accident, wipe art directors' fingerprints from the monitors regularly, work many hours after the shoot when the art director suddenly decides s/he needs full-res JPGs instead of 1200x1800px JPGs even though the minute details are negligible for something that will be retouched and then printed at 1"x1.5" in a newspaper flyer that will be thrown away by the majority of people who receive it.
How many photographers does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. The assistant does it, but the digitech points out the bulb was fine; they just didn't flip the switch.
by digitech April 02, 2013
Term used to describe the positive qualities or skills of a player in college sports, especially college basketball.

Frequently used in evaluating potential draft picks in professional sports. This is now occasionally being used to describe players acquired in trades as well.
He has good intangibles, but besides that, not much upside.

Colton Smith is a great kid with huge upside.

We need to draft a player who has some offensive upside
by Digitech January 04, 2011

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