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Acronym for Working As Intended
The software is WAI, it's not a glitch.
by DigitalSignalX July 26, 2010
The Zebra Factor is an arbitrary representation which determines to what degree an actual outcome is deviant to an expected outcome within the facts presented. Based on the idea that when all signs point to a horse, it may still be a zebra. Ancillary to Occam's Razor.
"You learn the Zebra Factor in first year medical school; when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras." - House MD
by DigitalSignalX February 12, 2011
A circular device filled with bristles with an open center added to a hunting bow to rest arrows on in order to stabilize aim and flight upon release.
The bow with a whisker biscuit shot a bulls eye every time.
by DigitalSignalX August 17, 2010
A style of art and music that blends modern tribal themes with those of the electronic age, such as circuit board tattoos and electronic rhythmic instruments.
The tattoo silhouette down her back of a mother board from a Commodore 64 was a bold tribal-electronic statement.
by DigitalSignalX January 17, 2008

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