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A person giving several people oral-sex consecutively.
Kelly gave the entire football team gangbrain.

by Diggy-Dantz January 19, 2007
This word is derived from the already published;Lunchbox slang word. Lunchpale is a derogatory word that describes a specific person that you do not like.
Man, that motherfucker is a lunchpale!
by Diggy-Dantz May 27, 2007
Debations is an alternative/redneck way of referring to the common usage of the word debate.
Hey ya'll, stop these damn debations!!
by Diggy-Dantz November 01, 2007
The slang description of a yeast infection.
I was gonna eat her out, but I think she had a wicked case of Lasagna.
by Diggy-Dantz May 27, 2007
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