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When a friend wants you to go out for a beer but you're skint so he offers to buy you a beer, but you still say no. The next week your out together and you say he has to buy you a beer because it's a beer roll-over (like the Lottery roll-over), in fact because it's a roll-over, he owes you two beers! Lotto Beer!
Friend "Hi mate coming out for a beer?"
You "Nah, I'd love to but I'm skint."
Friend "I'll buy you a beer!"
You "No it's alright, I'm staying in".

A week later in the pub together...
You "Are you gonna get me a beer?"
Friend "What? Get your own!"
You "You owe me one! You said last week you'd buy me a beer!"
Friend "What??? That was last week!!!"
You "Yeah it's a beer roll-over!"
Friend "What?"
You "You owe me a beer, so it's a beer roll-over!"
Friend "What???"
You "In fact you owe me two beers cos it's a Lotto Beer roll-over! Get 'em in!"
by Dicky Brown January 22, 2008
To go off with someone else.
"He went off with his other mates, he's a black off!"
by Dicky Brown September 26, 2007
Used to describe something bad that's happened. The opposite of saying 'Fat' meaning good.
"Dave got sacked for smoking draw at work"

by Dicky Brown November 16, 2007

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