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An enthusiastic expression when you get money you did not do much to earn, OR found money
He wanted another one of those cha-ching!

I looked in the couch and found two bucks cha ching!
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
An ancient term used in the 30's, but coming back in vouge on the west coast, meaning a little man carrying a gun - similar to flunky or a member of a posse.
"Why you cheap little gunsel, he sent you to do his dirty work."
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
hustling, talking up
"He was hawking the tables trying to get a game"
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
Midwestern slang for a dollar
"The dude said I had to lay a rod on him for the info."
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
to urinate on a sex partner (a consensual act)
She was beggin me, so I bladdered her
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
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