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Someone that takes too long of a turn when smoking hookah. Similar to a hookah hog.
Give someone else a try, you hookah whore.
by Dick Shanary August 01, 2008
The feeling one gets when smoking a hookah, such that the user has become light headed.
I smoked so much hookah that I've got a bit of a hookah high right now. HOT DAMN
by Dick Shanary August 01, 2008
Someone that attempts to submit a word to Urban Dictionary multiple times but gets denied each time. Such cases include a person trying to submit a definition about:

- How large their unit is.
- How nice/kind/sexy a girl/boy they like is.
- How awesome/cool/strong they are.

Some more pathetic cases include such things as the submitter asking a girl to go out with them and putting somewhere in the definition "EDITORS PLEASE LET THIS ONE PASS".
Man, this kid thinks he'll actually be able to post a definition about how hot and nice a girl he likes is. Doesn't he know that nobody cares? He's a real no-quitter submitter.
by Dick Shanary January 29, 2009
A person with red hair. A ginger. Speckled with copious amounts of freckles on the skin, as well as equipped with a Jew Fro and very pale skin tone.
Ralph, the predominant carrot bush of the ginger herd, grew up in a lonely household, as a stepchild in a dysfunctional family.
by Dick Shanary March 04, 2010
A rash or red area on the upper lip that appears similar to that of a mustache. Sometimes caused by dry-shaving, waxing, or some type of allergic response to something.
Guy 1: "Becky was looking so hot today, but she really shouldn't have gotten her upper lip waxed. It left a massive rash stache."

Guy 2: "Yeah, but I'd still ride that ass like a monkey on a tricycle."
by Dick Shanary February 26, 2009

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