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A very awkward way a male embraces another male. The hug giver reaches around the hug receiver, hold them tightly with both arms, places his face over the receiver's shoulder and breaths heavily onto their neck or ear. Usually cause the receiver to violently push or shove away his assailant while cursing or calling the attacker any form of homosexual adjectives.
Motives of the attacker, or awkward hug giver range from just messing with his friends or actually initiating contact to vent pent up homosexuality because he is still in the closet. Both cases are easily identified, the first is characterized by laughter and little awkwardness after interaction. The other is more awkward than normal awkward hugs and the giver could not want to let go or be unable to laugh his actions off.
"GET OFF ME, HOMO!"-Receiving Guy
"Whats going on?"-Bystanding Guy
"Cory just gave me an awkward man hug."-Receiving Guy
"Cory?! Is this true?"-Bystanding Guy
"I'm gay."-Cory
by Dick Keene April 13, 2008
The Guy Shocker is the specific position of the fingers used when a guy is relaxing and he has his hands down the front of his pants. The classic position involves a guy with his thumb around or in his belly button and some or all his fingers down below the belt-line and inside his underwear. Comfortable and easy to do.(Not X-rated at all.)
"When I was sitting watching TV the other day, I whipped out the guy shocker and was so comfortable that i fell asleep."

"Girls just can't relate to guys and how we feel about our testicles. They don't understand how comforting it is to give yourself the guy shocker and just relax."
by Dick Keene April 13, 2008
A word used to describe an amazing looking girl around your vicinity at that time. This word is used to point out said girl to your friends without her or her companions noticing you and calling you out for sexual harassment, which has become common in these present times. Able to be used in close proximity to girls without any unwanted attention.
Girl out of Hearing Range
"Hey, check out that choonay over there by the bench."-Guy1
"Yeah, I give her a 7/10."-Guy2

Girl Within Hearing Range
"Choonay at 3o'clock"-Guy1
"Wow when you say choonay, you mean choonay!"-Guy2

"There are so many choonays here at the Library!"
by Dick Keene April 13, 2008
A word describing the act of male masturbating, coined, like many other slang words, to use during everyday conversations without parents or other authority figures from knowing what is being talked about right in front of them.
"Not going to lie, I chabomped it 8 times last night, a new record!"-Aaron

"Hey Vinny, its time to go to practice, don't tell me you are chabomping it in there."-Rich

"Hey Rich I just made your SN, its Master_Chabomp because you haven't hooked up in forever so you must have been chabomping like a mad-man."-Vinny
by Dick Keene April 13, 2008
Pretty much the same as the dalmatian, a form of the shocker where the hand conforms into a form resembling a canine face figure. The middle and ring finger press onto the thumb while the pointer and pinky finger stick up like ears. In the recent years that the shocker has become more and more recognized in photos and pictures and so the wolf has replaced it at sporting events and class photos.
"Blaine show us THE WOLF!!!"-unknown soccer hooligan

"Oh man I just got in trouble because i was showing the shocker in our club photo and the teachers caught me."-Guy1
"You should have been doing the wolf."-Guy2
by Dick Keene April 13, 2008
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