15 definitions by Dick Hertz

Two hysterical farting charectors on South Park
"Oh Phillip, i think i farted"
by Dick Hertz May 20, 2003
someone who bites boners, and fucks their uncle
"u boner biting uncle fucker"
by Dick Hertz May 20, 2003
Asian women generally and Japanese women specifically. From the observation that most Japanese female names end in "ko." (Michiko, Keiko, Mitsuko, Fumiko, Emiko, Hanako, Naoko, Yuriko, etc.)
I didn't think about attending this college until I noticed how many really hot koo sisters there were on campus.
by Dick Hertz May 08, 2003
phony meat products, such as artificial weenies, hamburger patties, etc., made from tofu
My cousin is a vegetarian and he eats tofood all the time.
by Dick Hertz May 09, 2003
A colorful way to describe a joint or the act of smoking marijuana.
Roll up a splizzer nigga!
I'm about to get splizzerd.
by Dick Hertz October 02, 2003
Term used to describe Billary Clinton, husband of Hill Billy Clinton.
Why does the Billiary have smaller hips than Hill Billy Clinton? Well you know what they say about a punk with small hips?

"I don't recall"
by Dick Hertz May 30, 2003
a kid who cant say his r's
"wealy wex, i weally like you"
by Dick Hertz May 20, 2003

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