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Somewhere in between aggravate and irritate. To be aggressively annoyed.
That bitch at work really aggritates me.
by Diane Mower December 17, 2007
Having the ability to pick people with disabilities out of a crowd.
Mandy: That kid is totally autistic.
Brian: How can you tell that by just looking at him?
Mandy: I have retardar.
by Diane Mower July 25, 2008
A pidgin word meaning 'kind of' with a Hawaiian twist. The first known use of this word comes courtesy of a man F.C.S., aka the shame dragon.
Do you like Jake?
Yea, I dakinda do.

Have you ever eaten at Zippy's?
It's dakinda good, but not my fav.
by Diane Mower January 13, 2008

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