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An attempt to urinate after exposure to extreme cold, the genital shrinkage causing difficulty when holding the penis.
"Dude, it's like one hundred below out there, and when I went to take a whiz, it was totally Omaha Thimble."
#shrinkage #urination #penis #bathroom #cold
by DiabeticD September 01, 2009
Having intercourse with a woman after placing a pillowcase with a hole cut out over the genital region and another over the face.
"Dude, I totally had to Amsterdam Lampshade that girl I met on OkCupid."
#amsterdam #lampshade #pillowcase #genitals #anonymity
by DiabeticD September 01, 2009
An act whereby multiple men ejaculate on a woman simultaneously, as in bukkake or gang-bang porn. To "whitewash" someone with the help of friends.
"The Duke LaCrosse team was accused of "Tom Sawyering" a number of co-eds."
#gangbang #bukkake #cumshot #group sex #money shot
by DiabeticD September 05, 2009
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