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2 definitions by DiVaNiC

(adj.) To run out of energy/power. To feel tired.
i've been talking on my cell phone all day, it's debatterized.
by DiVaNiC August 01, 2008
A nomch is a cross between a "nom" (an expression of eating) and a munchie (a cutesy way of saying snack.) It can be used espically when you take a food order home as leftovers. A nomch is also a trem used when you are eating multiple smaller food items. Most of all a Nomch is completly enjoyable at any time of day or night and can be eaten heated or cold.
im taking the rest of this leftover cheesecake home so i can nomch on it later.

im glad we make enough popcorn to nomch on through the movie.
by DiVANiC October 29, 2011