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4 definitions by Dhawk

slang for dick and meant to be more hurtful.
Dude, colin stole my dildo and pleasured his mom with it. He was being such a deock it's not even funny.
by Dhawk June 07, 2007
5 8
When you have a pair of new shiny testicles swingly wildy off the end of the nipple on a boob.
Demn, i didn't know colin got a breasticles implant. Good for him.
by Dhawk June 14, 2007
3 10
What a cool short jock says when he thinks he accomplished something by being a fatass all day playing WoW and bodybuilding with his mom and miss milanga.
"Last night, i ownxaged a guy in Black Arrow
by Dhawk June 07, 2007
3 11
A website containing pictures of girls that dress sluty but still have their clothes on.
Antonio: What the fuck r u doing?!
Drew: Chill, I'm on Hofosho. They have shirts on!
Antonio: That's it! (cold cocked on the head)
by Dhawk June 09, 2007
6 15