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When people use the bible as an excuse to push their religion on others of different religions or non-believers to make them feel bad or wrong about their actions.
You:Hello, my name is James.
Other: Hello, my name is Mary like the mother of Jesus.
You:Alrighty then so how is your day going?
Other:It's alright just got done praying at home before coming out here to enjoy God's fresh air. Uh may i ask do you pray?
You: No, I don't pray I don't believe in God.
Other:God is the most important person anywhere. He is the true word. He is the most important person he is more important than you and i. If you are not with God then you are a sinner.
You: Well, my bad but I'm sure that we can have different beliefs and still live pretty ok lives. Jeez stop being such a bible thumper
by Dezzy_Yvonne May 30, 2010

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