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When a person does absolutely nothing but look at definitions on Urban Dictionary. There is no cure for Urban Dictionary Fever; the infected suffer until they pass out from dehydration or exhaustion. (They also tend to soil themselves because they don’t get up to go to the bathroom.)
Mike: Dude, all Jason’s been doing for the last 14 hours is reading definitions on Urban Dictionary, and he smells like shit.

Matt: I think he has Urban Dictionary Fever.

Mike: Sick dude.
by Dewit May 14, 2009
One of the most heard and used words in America. This magical word can basically describe any situation your in, and can put much emphasis on any sentence. One origin of the word fuck goes back hundreds of years back in Europe. It is said that Women wore chastity belts that read “Fornicate under consent of king”, or f.u.c.k. This word can be seen anywhere (like on this website), whether you see it on the internet, engraved into your desk at school, spray painted on walls, on tv, videogames, yada yada yada. Do I need to go on? I’m not wasting my time putting examples, there are many already created right here, on this page. Have a great fucking day. :)
How many fucking ways can you use this fucking word?
by Dewit April 13, 2009
The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle, Washington, and the 20th tallest in the nation.

It is a nice glossy black building, and reaches a hight of 76 stories. The 73rd floor is open for public viewing on weekdays, with a nearly 360 degree view of the Seattle area, and surrounding areas. The top floor is reserved for members of the Columbia Club, where they have their own restaurant, lounge, and other cool stuff.

The Columbia Tower is mostly for office use for different company's including Amazon.com.
Mike: That building is so tall.

Matt: Hell ya, its the Columbia Tower!
by Dewit May 22, 2009
Pronounced "JO-PID". It the word Joke and Stupid combined. Also know as a "Stoke". This word describes a joke or prhase that is really stupid and/or funny.
Examples of a Jopid:

I spilled spot remover on my dog, and now hes gone.

Your mom is so fat, she fell in love and broke it.
by Dewit May 25, 2009
A person who never capitalizes the begging of a sentence or nouns. This also describes a person who abbreviates almost every word they can in a sentence. Online or in text messages, it is usually alright but with business matters it can be very annoying.

It also drives us perfectionists insane.
CEO of Bank writes E-mail: "Well, it looks like stocks are down again, we will have to cut your pay by $2.50 an hour. Sorry."


Bob Banker - CEO

Anticapitalizer writes back: "wtf?! u sob! u kan suck my cock go 2 hell u noob i quit"

kiss my a$$

dylin cantspeller - gtg u fag
by Dewit May 22, 2009
Plays Playstation games, music, Blue-Ray DVD's, and MP3. Also can be modified as a mini-fridge or George Foreman Grill. Your choice.
Jose: Is that your PS3?
Tim: Ya, just got it today. It does everything man, even keeps my beer cold.
by Dewit May 26, 2009
The "C" is silent. Next to operas and symphony's, its the worst music in the world.
Person 01: This music is crap!

Person 02: Actually, the C is silent, it pronounced "Rap".
by Dewit May 21, 2009

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